Why Techne?

tékʰnɛ - “the rational method followed in artistic making”
We are dedicated to the ideal that architecture is the transformation of an existing environment into a meaningful place. Making a place meaningful requires good listening and responsive design and planning. Making of place requires that the ideals and goals of our clients are reflected in the constructed environment; and that this environment has integrity. We work with communities to develop a vision around the places they view as important to their daily experience. The completed urban environments should inspire, be secure, and be a forum where neighbors can meet and tell the stories that make up their lives. studioTECHNE has the resources and the dedication to ensure these goals are met.

How We Help You

studioTECHNE works with its clients in a collaborative design process.
The goal of this process is to synthesize the client's need and budget with their building site, thoughtfully selected materials, and aesthetic goals.  Complimenting what is given, we reinforce the truth of a particular site, and make a place that has a rational identity, a reassuring character, and can be experienced as meaningful.

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  • Education

  • Library

  • Worship

  • Maintenance & Repair