We plan and design school facilities for today and tomorrow with one primary goal in mind — to improve learning. Not only are we architects, but we are change agents for creative learning communities. We approach every project with innovative strategies and 21st century learning principles that are backed by research.


The world into which students will enter is a technologically-driven global playing field and it is highly competitive. Students need to be prepared to be agile and lifelong learners so they are capable of adapting their skills to new and emerging career pathways. We are dedicated to designing educational spaces that enable such goals to succeed. 

We sincerely believe that students have unique learning styles and their needs and interests vary. The factory model of the 20th century cannot effectively facilitate student-centric learning. Twenty first century learning environments must be varied and adaptable to meet the student’s needs.

Students construct meaning and learn within the context of their environment.  The development of a true learning center requires a move beyond predetermined square footage requirements and minimum building codes to examine the impact of:

  • individual student development;
  • subject matter disciplines;
  • instruction styles and methods.  

The design of educational facilities matches an understanding of learning styles and the context and traditions of the community with the architectural program. studioTECHNE has diverse experience in managing difficult projects that result in exceptional educational spaces.  Spaces for students are three-dimensional textbooks celebrating the richness of history, and diversity of community.

We develop a place that supports educational opportunity and focuses on allowing students to achieve their full potential.  The completed building should inspire, secure faith in self, encourage accountability, foster respect, and promote a belief in a positive future.