Below the STUDIO w/ Fergist

Our studio is known for its exceedingly treacherous spiral staircase; complete with a landing that makes high heel shoes a questionable choice each morning. That staircase leads you to our materials library and our ‘speakeasy’ lounge, but you will also find a sawdust-filled room of equipment. Welders, tables saws, a bandsaw, and some hand planes fuel our compulsion to craft and build.

As architects, using the shop for both personal weekend projects and some of our largest design projects, we learn the language of our industry from both sides of the table. Now is a great opportunity for anyone to pick up and appreciate a craft, and allow their ability to fill the missing gaps in the industry. As designers, we should inspire future generations that knowledge in building process is both strengthened and branded by the history of craftsmanship in our rust-belt town . Coming from a millennial, many may scoff at this argument promoting labor-intensive craftsmanship in a field saturated with tradesman looking for the quickest buck. Craftsmanship doesn’t necessarily mean “hand-made”. Instead, it references a conscious effort and understanding in an industry that is able to produce high-quality, custom-made products utilizing current and changing technology.

At studioTECHNE|architects, we understand the limitations and benefits of technology, methods, materials, and design. We also encourage the conversation between craftsmen and architects, and with our workshop, the studio continues to be bilingual. We efficiently illustrate our designs, implement accumulated knowledge and responsibly think from the builder’s perspective. Our efforts are focused on passing along this history Below of craftsmanship through design and architecture. 

Before selecting your next architect, maybe ask, “What’s below your studio?”